Welcome to Ashgate Nursery School                                                                                            

We are delighted to welcome you to our website, we hope that you enjoy finding out about us!

Ashgate Nursery School is a small purpose built Local Authority nursery school close to Derby city centre.  We offer government funded places for 2, 3 and 4 year olds and for 15 hours a week.

Our staff are always pleased to speak to you.  Your call will be answered by Linda Seymour, School Administrator

Please join us at Markeaton Park for a nursery fun day on 11 February.  Click here for the flyer

Save State Funded Nursery Schools! Please click here to a link to sign the petition

We work hard to ensure that children’s well-being is high because we believe that when children feel secure and confident in their relationships the they are able to learn most effectively. Establishing positive attitudes to learning is a priority. Rated good overall in our last inspection in 2013, the behaviour and safety of our children was rated outstanding. The inspector said:

“Behaviour is outstanding because the relationships among children, and between children and adults, are very strong. Because of this, children develop excellent attitudes towards learning new things and take a full and active part in activities.”

A parent offered this comment to the inspector: “The team here are very caring and supportive.  They are good at seeing the world through the eyes of a child.”   

In the childcare inspection of our two-year old provision in 2013 inspectors said:

“Children are happy and settled in the warm and welcoming environment. They demonstrate a strong sense of security and belonging within the nursery and appear to be confident and secure.”

Our philosophy is rooted in the belief that children at this age learn best through play-based activities that take place in a rich, motivating environment, where relationships with supportive adults enable children to challenge and extend their thinking.  If you would like to visit us please do make an appointment, you will be made very welcome.


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