Our Aims:

We aim to provide the best quality education and care to enable children to develop the skills, knowledge and personal qualities needed for life.

We aim to provide a welcoming atmosphere in which children will feel happy, confident and secure to enjoy and achieve during their time with us and for families to feel supported, at ease and a valued part of the nursery.

We believe that all our children are entitled to the very best education and care. To provide this:

  • we encourage everyone to respect and value themselves, others and our environment
  • we endeavour to make our children feel happy, safe, secure and excited by each new day
  • we support children to become confident, creative and effective communicators
  • we enable children to learn through active, independent investigation and play
  •  we are committed to strong partnerships with parents and carers, and with other professionals and providers
  • we support the development of skills, knowledge and attitudes that will support learning throughout life.